Group Members: Ian Griffiths


Bain Group History

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Durham University and University of Oxford, 2007-present

Project Title

Mathematical Modelling of Reaction Kinetics in Micellar Surfactant Systems

Research – Outline

I am the mathematical modeller for the Bain Group. I am based in the Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (OCIAM), at the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. My research concerns the use of mathematical models to describe the behaviour observed in a surfactant-loaded fluid. Specifically, the principal aim is to explain the empirical results obtained by DANIEL COLEGATE on ADSORPTION DYNAMICS in the liquid jet.

Research – A Closer Look

This is a multidisciplinary research project between the Bain Group and OCIAM. Collaborators on this project are Professor Colin Bain, Dr PETER HOWELL, Dr CHRIS BREWARD and Daniel Colegate.

I adopt a combination of asymptotic and numerical approaches to explain the results of Dan’s empirical measurements on the adsorption of surfactant at a free surface and on micelle breakdown in a bulk surfactant system.


In addition to surfactant systems my research interests are in fluid dynamics, in particular the slow flow of very viscous fluids, and its applications to glass manufacture.

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On the non-academic side my main interests are sport-related, especially mountain biking and squash.