Group Members: Marie Shackleford

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Bain Group History

PhD Student, Durham University, 2012-present

Project Title

Lifetime of an active ingredient

Research Outline

Many different chemicals make up modern consumer products such as soaps, washing powders and cleaning products. Some of these are specific to the function of these products, whereas others improve the desirability of the product through appearance, fragrance and texture. When these products are combined it is expected that numerous interactions will occur. Multiple questions arise: where there is a low concentration of the active ingredient, where will it interact at the different stages of its lifetime and which parts of the formulations will it reside in preferentially?

Research A Closer Look

No one method will be able to answer these questions, even for one specific compound, due to the wide range of concentrations and phases. Using a range of techniques the different stages in the usage lifetime of antibacterial agents, such as triclosan, will be studied. Going from the pure compound, mixing it into formulations and when it is diluted at the point of usage; I'm interested in what phase the agent is in and where it wants to go. This study will use methods including UV/Vis and fluorescence spectroscopy, stopped flow, leakage fluorescence assays and NMR. As always, questions of economics come into this as well, how can the smallest amount of product provide the greatest efficacy?