Group Members: David Woods

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Bain Group History

Summer Student, Durham University, 2006
Ph.D. Student, Durham University, from 2007

Project Title

Dynamics of Adsorption at Solid-Liquid Interfaces

Research Outline

The use of flow cells and RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY to quantitatively study surfactant adsorption kinetics at a solid-water interface.

Research A Closer Look

Within our group and within other groups, adsorption kinetics at solid liquid interfaces have been studied using ELLIPSOMETRY. This provides useful information about the amount of surfactant adsorbed, but provides no information about the chemical composition of the adsorbed layer.

By using total internal reflection raman spectroscopy, it is possible to selectively get a raman spectra of the surface region, with all the chemically specific information that it contains. This will allow me to thoroughly study a variety of different systems, including surfactant-surfactant and surfactant-polymer mixtures. Initially I will be using a silica surface, but hope to eventually investigate other substrates too.

Current work is using a wall jet flow cell, which has been used by other groups to previously investigate colloid, surfactant and polymer adsorption. Future work will hopefully use the dual-channel flow cell design developed previously within the group.


David A. Woods, Christopher D. Mellor, Jonathan M. Taylor, Colin D. Bain and Andrew D. Ward "Nanofluidic networks created and controlled by light" Soft Matter 2011, (DOI).

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