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Bain Group History

Postdoctoral researcher, Durham University, 2007-present

Project Titles

  1. Next Generation Inkjet Technology, EPSRC grant GR/T11920, Feb 2007-Aug 2009
  2. Realising the Potential of Next Generation Printed Pharmaceuticals, TSB grant BD352J, Oct 2009-March 2012
  3. Innovation in Industrial Inkjet Technology - I4T, EPSRC grant EP/H018913/1, April 2012-July 2015
  4. Inca Digital Consultancy: inkjet printing, July 2014 - July 2015
  5. Inca Digital/DU Inkjet Printing Project, Aug 2015 - July 2016 and Jan 2017-Mar 2017
  6. P&G/DU Droplet Impact, Splashing and Drainage in Automatic Dishwashers, Jan 2016-Dec 2016
  7. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, charaterisation of pL-droplets, Oct 2016 - Feb 2017
  8. Evaporative drying of droplets and the formation of micro-structured and functional particles and films, EPSRC grant EP/N025245/1, Oct 2016-Sept 2021

Research - Outline

My research work in Prof. Bain's group is focusing on developing techniques on characterising dynamic properties of fluid (drops, jets and film) and understanding the link between microscopic structure of the fluid and macroscopic behavior of drop/film. The fundamental research would benefit to the inkjet printing industries and beyond.

Research - A Closer Look

Group Publications

  1. J. Shi, L. Yang, C. D. Bain "Wetting and Drying of Aqueous Droplets Containing Nonionic Surfactants CnEm" Langmuir 2021 (DOI)
  2. G. Hu, L. Yang, Z. Yang, Y. Wang, X. Jin, J. Dai, Q. Wu, S. Liu, X. Zhu, X. Wang, T.-C. Wu, R. C. T. Howe, T. Albrow-Owen, L. W. T. Ng, Q. Yang, L. G. Occhipinti, R. I. Woodward, E. J. R. Kelleher, Z. Sun, X. Huang, M. Zhang, C. D. Bain, T. Hasan "A general ink formulation of 2D crystals for wafer-scale inkjet printing" Science Advances 2020, 6, eaba5029 (DOI)
  3. R. Deng, Y. Wang, L. Yang, C. D. Bain "In Situ Fabrication of Polymeric Microcapsules by Ink-Jet Printing of Emulsions" ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2019, 11, 40652-40661 (DOI)
  4. J. Shi, L. Yang, C. D. Bain "Drying of ethanol/water droplets containing silica nanonparticles" ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2019, 11, 14275-14285  (DOI)
  5. Y. Wang, R. Deng, L. Yang, C. D. Bain "Fabrication of monolayers of uniform polymeric particles by inkjet printing of monodisperse emulsions produced by microfluidics" Lab on a Chip 2019, 19, 3077-3085 (DOI)
  6. L. Yang, N. Kapur, Y. Wang, F. Fiesser, F. Bierbrauer, M. C. T. Wilson, T. Sabey, C. D. Bain "Drop-on-demand satellite-free drop formation for precision fluid delivery" Chemical Engineering Science 2018, 186, 102-115 (DOI)
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  8. E.L. Talbott, H.N. Yow, L. Yang, A. Berson, S.R. Biggs, C.D. Bain "Printing Small Dots from Large Drops" ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2015, 7, 3782-3790 (DOI)
  9. L. Yang, B.K. Kazmierski, S.D. Hoath, S. Jung, W. Hsiao, Y. Wang, A. Berson, O. Harlen, N. Kapur and C.D. Bain "Determination of dynamic surface tension and viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids from drop oscillations" Physics of Fluids 2014, 26 (DOI)
  10. E.L. Talbot, L. Yang, A Berson, C.D. Bain "Control of the Particle Distribution in Inkjet Printing through an Evaporation-Driven Sol-Gel Transition" Applied Materials & Interfaces 2014, 6, 9572-9583  (DOI)
  11. L. Yang, L. J. Adamson, C. D. Bain "Study of liquid jet instability by confocal microscopy" Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2012, 83, 073104 (DOI)
  12. E. L. Talbot, A. Berson, L. Yang and C. D. Bain, Internal Flows and Particle Transport Inside Picoliter Droplets of Binary Solvent Mixtures, NIP29 Digital printing technologies conference, USA (2013)
  13. L. Yang and C. D. Bain, Liquid jet instability and dynamic surface tension effect on breakup, NIP25 Digital printing technologies conference in Louisville KY, 79-82, USA (2009)
  14. Other Publications

  15. L. Yang, A. Mac Raighne, E. M. McCabe, L. A. Dunbar, and T. Scharf, Confocal microscopy using variable-focal-length microlenses and optical fiber bundle, Appl. Opt. 44(28), 5928-5936(2005)
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Working in Colin's group is an adventure of the mind and a journey towards the understanding of nature. Back home, I am by and large a responsible mother of two sons and always enjoy good food, gardening and chat with friends. My favorite sports are table tennis, badminton and Chinese chess.

I enjoy being a life-long learner. I seek simplicity and trust it!