Here are a few of my favourite papers.

This paper, from my PhD with George Whitesides, describes the formation of ‘self-assembled monolayers’ on gold and has been cited over 2300 times:
C. D. Bain, E. B. Troughton, Y. T. Tao, J. Evall, G. M. Whitesides and R. G. Nuzzo "Formation of Monolayer Films by the Spontaneous Assembly of Organic Thiols from Solution onto Gold" Journal of the American Chemical Society 1989, 111, 321–335.

Using chemical reactions to drive liquid drops uphill was great fun, but involved a lot of painstaking work – all of it by undergraduates:
C. D. Bain, G. D. Burnett-Hall and R. R. Montgomerie "Rapid Motion of Liquid Drops" Nature (London) 1994, 372, 414–415 (DOI).

This feature article describes our early work, and that of other groups, using the new technique of sum-frequency spectroscopy. It has become a standard reference article with nearly 300 citations:
C. D. Bain "Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy of the Solid/Liquid Interface" Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 1995, 91, 1281–1296 (DOI).

A simple, elegant experiment that overturns one of the standard assumptions in kinetic models for the adsorption of surfactants:
D. M. Colegate and C. D. Bain "Adsorption Kinetics in Micellar Solutions of Nonionic Surfactants" Physical Review Letters 2005, 95, 198302/1–4 (DOI).

This paper shows how light can induce an interaction between polystyrene spheres which then spontaneously assemble into regular two-dimensional arrays:
C. D. Mellor and C. D. Bain "Array Formation in Evanescent Waves" ChemPhysChem 2006, 7, 329-332 (DOI).

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